Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fun with Paint and Cats Painting Final

How did you use your own unique ideas in your work?
I used my own ideas through portraying my own pet in a situation that i feel would be completely feasible to happen, i've always loved pianos so when i was working on my thumbnails i had two separate ideas, one that involved a pianist playing the piano and another involving the repetition of a cat, specifically my cat, however i was having a hard time choosing between the two because i felt attached to both, eventually i merged the two ideas into the idea of my cat having played in some paint, had proceeded to decorate the piano in paint, as well as other places, this piece was a split second idea that was merged between two ideas i had, and it made sense to go with this because it felt like something my cat would do, and it was a situation i wanted to paint, and i think it turned out marvelously.

What is this artwork intended to say?
I intend my artwork to say that little moments can be fun, those little moments of splendid laughter, and the times where we all laugh so hard that we have a stitch in our side, little moments like those.  I wanted it to be bright, bold, colorful, and fun.  I also wanted to portray a small piece of my life, my cat has never actually jumped on a piano and decorated it with paint, but in my childhood i was infactuated by my grandfather when he would play the piano, it's always been a memory that's stuck in my head, and my cat is a complete goof, he's always known to do wild and crazy stuff, most people would find it annoying, but i find it endearing and quite funny, i wanted to portray a small piece of the joy i feel whenever i hear someone playing the piano, and the laughter that my cat evokes.  The main thing this piece should say to everyone is fun, in one way or another we all have moments like this, completely unintended, but absolutely wonderful to remember, and i wanted to immortalize that.

When did you step back and analyze you work during this project?
About half way through with the painting i had started painting my cat, and i didn't feel like it was coming out right, the way i paint tends to be very comical, bright, and bold, i've never been afraid of color and certainly not when it comes to painting; however it just didn't seem to be working, and i took a step back and looked at my painting, and i found that it was way too proportional, my cat has these really green eyes that are really beautiful and he's basically a puffball when it comes to fur, so i scrapped the original head, and instead made it larger and increased the size of the eye, then i kept painting and after i had laid down the basics of the new cat i was starting to really like it, so i kept painting and painting, and then it got to where i was comfortable with the cat, and then it was time to add the fun, because with just a cat and a piano it looked really boring, there was no story to tell, and then i just placed paw prints all over the place, i didn't organize them at all, just went for it, and the result has made me very happy because it now tells a story, and i hope that everyone who sees it smiles because it reminds them of something similar. 

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