Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. I think my painting was the most successful. The theme for the project was sticky situation also somewhere in our pieces we had to have repetition either in a motif, or rhythm.  The process that I had to go through to complete this project was thinking about what I wanted the 'sticky' to be and after a list of ideas and a random doodle later I had the idea of my cat playing on the piano after getting into paint.  I chose acrylic paint so that I could get texture in the different elements like the fur on my cat, I wanted the size of the canvas to be slightly larger so that I had more space to work and fill with the repetition.  My technique was to use a lot of color, value, and gradients to make this piece work which was a little hard because I didn't use any guidelines just started painting the shapes and putting color where it needed to go.  The composition was a little touch and go as one side would look too heavy and then I had to figure out what to put on the other side to even it out. When I made the window I knew that I would have to add some other elements on the other side to balance it out and allow for the viewer to see the whole piece and not just one side.  Overall I had a plan of what I wanted to have, and along the way I changed and tweaked some areas to make the overall composition appealing.

2.  I felt I was least successful on this project the theme was scientific and we had to show contrast, I chose to do an X-Ray of a bird and wing with charcoal pencil.  I feel it was least successful because of how drastically I had to change my original idea to fit the point of showing contrast.  I think what i would do differently would be instead of using the wing, which naturally has very little contrast.  I could instead have used the head or another body part that offered more contrast.  I felt that the contrast was lacking because of how much i had to alter my original idea to make it fit the criteria of the project.  Initially the project just included the wing, i had to add in the neck image to show more contrast.  Using the white charcoal made it slightly more difficult to show the contrast and values that were needed for this project.  Overall i think this project was least successful due to the difficulty of showing contrast and the changes that had to be made to fit the criteria.

3. The first image is of a chalk pastel project, and the second is of a mixed media project.  In the chalk pastel project i learned how to work with and apply the medium of chalk pastel, before working on this project i had never worked with chalk pastels.  The techniques and skills i improved were the blending of colors and small details in the project itself.  My artistic vision grew as i had to focus on the small details and execute them.  The creativity i had to use has grown because of the inference of different aspects of lights and shadows along with gradients and shading.  In the mixed media project i improved my composition of mixed media and how to make it more cohesive.  In my technique's i improved with applying the various mediums and making them work together well for the overall composition.  My artistic vision has grown by having to inference how the overall composition will look with the incorporation of different mediums.  The elements i used helped me grow with applying them to form an overall well done composition as having to blend multiple elements together in one piece.

4.  two mini lessons that i felt were most beneficial for my learning for these projects were a pen and ink mini lesson and a paint mini lesson.  With the pen and ink mini lesson i feel that i was given good instruction about how to use this medium with shading and application, however i could use more assistance with the ability of values.  For me it was hardest to achieve clear and distinct values with pen and ink.  Pen and ink for me is the most difficult medium to work with.  With the paint mini lesson i feel that i could have been given a little more instruction and refreshing on using the medium.  Initially it was difficult to do the mini lesson as i had to remember about the mixing of paint and how to create gradients with acrylics.  Overall i was able to do the mini lesson and refresh my memory on using the medium as i went along.  Although more instruction would have been extra beneficial.  Overall i think paint was the most successful.

5.  My favorite medium to work with overall is paint.  Paint is my favorite because of the freedom it allows to create wild and crazy colors.  The techniques i can use with paint are almost limitless that allow for my creativity and intuition to take charge.  Painting to me is a very systematic and rhythmic that i find works best with my way of using art.  Gradients and values are much more defined and gradual that is very smooth.  In the painting process you work back to front gives it a different look that is more natural and can be stylized in different ways.  The style of painting can vary from one painting to the next, and it allows for improvement.  Overall painting for me is the most fun to work with and allows for the most creativity of my style.

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