Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. My most successful project this semester would probably be the clay tile that I sculpted and painted, it's also my favorite because the clay was fun to work with and it was fun to paint it.  I really saw the art come alive with all the values and tones, also the fact that i could make the clay stick out and manipulate it to the vision i had in my head was really cool to do.  This is probably my favorite because the cub that i sculpted was adorable and i really had a passion to do it.  When i was making the tile i didn't really know how it would look when it came out.  With a rough image I had in my head and I went with it.  When we learned how to paint I started understanding what it was that I would have to do to make the clay really look realistic.  I'm very pleased with the final result although there are a few things that I would have liked to fix about the clay, but I'm happy with the final result no less.  This is my most successful because I feel that it's the first to come out well that I really liked, with all the different values and color contrasting together it seems to have worked the best with composition and complimenting of the colors.

2. I think i learned the most from the print making project that we did.  The reason i think so is because i had to be very careful in my planning of the composition.  How everything would be laid out, the different textures i needed to make it look real, and the different lines to be cautious of, also balancing out the composition which I could have done a better job at while working on the project.  Developing from this project I believe I learned how to see the different textures represented through the placement of different lines or by editing something out to make it look and feel a certain way.  I learned how to use the foreground, middle ground, and back ground to my advantage to make it appear as though the viewer were actually in the moment looking at the art in real life.  I learned much more about balancing out the different parts of the image, like how on one side of the print there's more texture than the other side.  Now knowing how that makes a difference in the image I feel like I've learned how to place different parts in different places and being bold to do something just to see if it works and if it doesn't then i learned something.  I grew from this project by learning that each piece of art is in fact a learning experience because you learn about something different, a different way to style a tree or grass or the clouds.  So with this piece I've grown to know the fact that every piece of art I do I should look for how it will change my future art from what I learned with this piece.

3. My growth as an artist is that I've learned how to use the foreground, the middle ground, and the back ground to my advantage to make the art really pop.  I've learned how to mix different colors to make a mirage of colors.  Mixing the primaries and secondaries to get these different colors that are really cool looking.  The skills i learned from the Value Portraits with the shading of different areas, darker farther back and lighter closer to the front.  Dark colors where the sun isn't hitting the surface and lighter where the sun is.  The techniques I learned from the Game Drawing about perspective and thinking out the different angles and how this should look, making everything spaced out so that it flows well and looks like something you could step into and actually walk across.  With the Anamorphasis drawing and how different objects look from different angles helped me see that this looks distorted i need to move it so that it looks more proportional to what an actual landscape would look like.  Also learning through this project that with paint things look different if you do even a little thing to it so experimenting is always good even if the art doesn't look the way you want it to if you've learned something from working on the art then it was worth it.  I've grown as an artist to accept that not everything will work out properly, but that's the fun part is seeing where your strengths and weaknesses are and what you're most comfortable working with that being paint or clay or pencil and paper.

 4.  The Anamorphasis Drawing as good of a visual learning experience as it was, was not that necessary for us to learn about the concepts in art.  With all the other projects we did that were major and touched on the major concepts of art this one doesn't take as much priority because it does show perspective but with the Game Drawing we could have learned that just as easily.  It was a really fun experience though and it was fun to make the art the way we did.  Just as a whole this project was not as important as the other were.  We had already learned about color, shading, and perspective or were getting into perspective.  This just seems a little redundant with all the other projects that we had.  It just seemed that what we had already learned was being used and that was a good thing, but for me it was a fun little project but had little to do with all the other projects that we have done.  Being the fun project it was although we didn't learn anything new we learned as artists ourselves how to actually put all these together into art that we could draw.

 5. As an artist i have a very personal connection with the stencil that I made.  I did a scene from Venice with the gondalas with the houses lining the canal in the background.  It's a place i've been to and have a strong affiliation with being part Italian myself and Venice being such a magical and wonderful place that inspires the creative side of me.  the stencil itself reflects myself because while i was working on it an event occured where a part of the stencil was destroyed and it didn't look the same more like a rumpled up piece of what was once art.  However it was salvageable so i was very happy because a lot of the designs, pictures, and other designs i painted on the stencil very much reflect me as a person.  Although it may have been wrecked that resembles my personality of striving even when the situation doesn't look hopeful at all, the different colors i used reflect my colors choices because i love purples and blues and pinks and whites.  The stencil actually looks better now in my opinion because it now has a rustic feel of having survived centuries and seeing the world type of feel it gives me.  It reminds me of a part of the world i really love, and that sometimes life's unexpectable moments can make a change for the better.  Overall as an artist this stencil reflects my determination to pursue my love of art, the charm of wanting to see the world, and sticking true to what you're good at and love because that pays out a lot in the end.

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