Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oil Pastel, Chalk Pastel, Colored Pencil exercises

Colored Pencil lollipop
The colored pencil was a familiar medium to work with for this little project.  I think i might use this for one of my final projects because it's a detail oriented medium that can get those little details that i need for this final.

Oil Pastel Coca Cola can
The oil pastel is another medium i'm familiar with, it's still difficult to use, but is really enjoyable to use for shading.  I don't think it's likely i'll use this for my final project due to how messy the medium can be and how inexperienced i still am with it.

Chalk Pastel Gumball
The chalk pastel is a new medium for me, and it was really fun to use, the coloring and shading with it was easy and very cool.  I think i might use this medium with my final project.  It was really fun to try out this new medium with a little exercise such as this.

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